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Atlanta Creative Music Podcast #8: Ryan Taylor



Ryan Taylor (Tay0) is a DJ, bassist, keyboardist, guitarist, improviser, and composer. Yeah I know that’s a lot of stuff! We had a great conversation about a wide range of topics from philosophy to electronic and country music. Also of note is the fact that this may be the worst introduction to a podcast I’ve ever recorded!


Atlanta Creative Music Podcast #6: Stephen Wood



Stephen Wood is a keyboardist, composer, educator, and naturalist. In this interview we discuss a wide range of topics from his composition for chamber and jazz ensembles, to his upcoming performance series.

For more information visit Stephen’s website.

Atlanta Creative Music Podcast #5: Chris Alpiar



Chris is a saxophonist, composer, record label exec, and educator amongst many other things. He is the founder of Behip records as well as an amazing composer and performer in his own right. In this conversation we went to a lot of places, and the podcast only represents a small part of it. It’s also worth noting that Chris and I share a great love for coffee. In the course of the two conversations this interview comes from we consumed at least three pots of coffee. This will become relevant towards the middle.  To find out more about Chris or Behip records check out the links below.

Chris Alpiar

BeHip Records

Clibber Jones Ensemble Composer Commissioning Project

Atlanta Creative Music Podcast #3: Nicole Chamberlain



Nicole Chamberlain is an Atlanta based composer and flutist. Her prolific output work includes a wide variety of large ensemble and chamber pieces, as well as a commissions by the Atlanta Opera, the Georgia Symphony Orchestra, Cuatro Puntos, and the Clibber Jones Ensembles among many others.  She is especially known for her use of extended techniques on flute. In this interview we talk about her transition from full time design work to music, and the development of her use of extended techniques. You can learn more by visiting her website. Other upcoming events. GremlinsDuo in AtlantaClibber Jones Ensemble at Smith’s Old BarClibber Jones Ensemble at Mammal GalleryComposer Commission Project

Delays, Snow, etc.

Dear Everyone,

The snowstorms and subsequent makeup work has created a good bit of delay in my ability to get interviews recorded and posted. However, I am in the process of recording several extremely good ones! March is going to be a great month of conversations about contemporary music in Atlanta!



It’s my goal to get a traditional blog post written every week between podcasts. Here you will find a range of information related to the music scene in Atlanta. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of upcoming events. For that you can go here, here , or here among many other places. Please comment with any other good lists of upcoming concerts! Guest writers spots are also in the works.

Sharing YouTube videos seems as good a way to get started with this blog as I can imagine. The sheer range of genres in which unbelievably creative people are working is one of my favorite parts of the music scene in Atlanta. I’ve picked a small handful of videos from jazz, and indie rock ensembles, as well as new music groups to illustrate my point. I’ll save commentary for a more gifted writer than I. Enjoy!