It’s my goal to get a traditional blog post written every week between podcasts. Here you will find a range of information related to the music scene in Atlanta. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of upcoming events. For that you can go here, here , or here among many other places. Please comment with any other good lists of upcoming concerts! Guest writers spots are also in the works.

Sharing YouTube videos seems as good a way to get started with this blog as I can imagine. The sheer range of genres in which unbelievably creative people are working is one of my favorite parts of the music scene in Atlanta. I’ve picked a small handful of videos from jazz, and indie rock ensembles, as well as new music groups to illustrate my point. I’ll save commentary for a more gifted writer than I. Enjoy!














Atlanta Creative Music Podcast # 1: Olivia Kieffer

Hello World! This is the first interview for the Atlanta Creative Music Podcast. We’re still working out the technical kinks, so this page is very much still under construction.

Olivia Kieffer is an Atlanta based percussionist, composer, and educator. She is the leader of the Clibber Jones Ensemble. In this interview Olivia talks about her history in Atlanta, her writing process,  and how both rock and minimalist classical music have influenced her work.